Street Fighter Music is Perfect for Productivity

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Staying quarantined in your room all day while being restricted from healthy human contact and sunlight is not only cumbersome but also unnatural and can be damaging to your overall health. It’s much easier now to lay off your work and continue watching your Netflix series.

Making time for creative work or passion projects has been mentioned here and there, but it’s very easy to have all your energy zapped away by laziness. A common medium of art that entices the spirit into taking action is typically music. Listening to songs or genres that wake up the soul and radiates motivation is perfect for times like these.

While most listeners would usually reach for songs with speeding hi-hats and snare drums, another good category of music to consider would be video game soundtracks, especially the soundtracks for the Street Fighter games. Street Fighter has been renowned around the world for the past three decades for its intuitive gameplay and cherished characters, making for a fun and intense time with your friends and family.

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After the success of the Street Fighter II throughout the 1990s, the following games have been enhanced with more character narratives, punchier music grooves, and colorful visual styles. This made the series more exciting and almost inspirational. The effect of this is like being attached to characters throughout a television series or a movie.

The soundtrack for many of the games has especially become more exciting to listen to. From Street Fighter III: Third Strike to the Street Fighter Ex series, the music has been delivering an exciting atmosphere that relates to the high-octane, competitive nature of the series.

Each composition dedicated to every character of the game is perfectly suited to their unique personality. Every character has their own fighting style, personality, and motivation for winning the tournament.

One of the characters from Street Fighter III: Third Strike, a young martial artist named Makoto, has a theme that fits her character perfectly. Makoto is a young girl whose very competitive and brash. She is willing to confront opponents who are larger and more experienced than her with the undying conviction of expanding her father’s dojo and being the predecessor of his school.

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The peddling drums and snares throttle around the elongated chords, with certain moments allowing the drums to bark and punch. Makoto’s theme is exciting and punchy, which inspires the mood for competition and pursuit.

In Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, there are twin brothers named Yun and Yang who’s theme songs display their young and urban-style personalities. Yang, being the more quiet and humble of the two, has a theme which emanates his cool and collected nature. The handful of chords all play around the smooth horns that billow a smooth and entrancing tune.

Regardless of the different styles and tones, each theme song has, the music from Street Fighter was designed to put the player in a combative mode. The soundtrack to each game goes perfect with working out, cold calling potential clients for your internship, finishing papers, and overall instilling a sense of honor and discipline in your routine. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991) [Pinterest post]. Retrieved 15 Apr 2020.

Such as how each fighter refined their fighting style day in and day out in order to compete in the tournament, students and workers now are taking the extra time granted to them into working on their passion projects, studying habits, businesses, etc. Nothing is more motivating than having exciting music to play in the background of your work, and the music of Street Fighter serves as a good asset for that reason.

Street Fighter’s music ranges from deep, Club noise to thrilling, Electronic music. Listening to Akuma’s theme song while going for a jog is invigorating and will surely brighten your day, leaving you with a feeling of discipline and conviction even during such demotivating times. My personal favorite soundtracks from the series include Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Street Fighter Ex 2 Plus, and Street Fighter III: New Generation.



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