London’s House Melodies With ‘Of Paradise Vol. 1’

London is causing a reverberation in the music industry. There’s a source of inspiration that attracts such go-getting artists and labels, cultivating newer genres and renovating older ones. Of Paradise is a label with a cause. The cause being House music shouting it’s vigor towards the ear of the listener, through the fabric of the internet.

Ran by a power-couple going, Paul and Lauren, the London label is a fairly new attraction housing the likes of obscure and digital minds.

Of Paradise Vol. 1 is a collage of their efforts packaged into eleven slimy, sweet, cloudy, and resonating tracks. Making up these tracks are the variety of artists that lend their contribution to the image of the label, with such names as DJ Moonbeam, dwell, and Low Tape.

These are not garnished names of the music industry. Rather, these are names who know how to craft a House track and have a collective understanding of their label’s vision.

Beginning the album is the track Not a Dream, Just a Purpose by Soela, which open the entrance to the hazy and mystical realm. It’s gentle and ambient, allowing the horizons of the mind to close off its disorders and open up its wonders. The six-minute track serves as the perfect introduction to the trance-inducement the listener will experience from the album.

Many of the tracks are moody, dark, and cloudy. Others are rarefied pieces of work that levitate with ease and grace.

A personal favorite track is Gold Cloud by Ed Marlo. Counteracting the tranquility of the first track, Marlo tunes his synth chords with a mid to low pitch, layering onto them a pouncing drum bass and the second layer of searing synth chords.

Another personal highlight of the album is Turn up the Heat by dwell. Its main essence is the DnB aesthetic it holds. The track lingers onto fragments of Techno music as well. The first minute of the concoction of bass drums is eventually colored by a soothing synth line, all riding in perfect concordance.

The eleven tracks in this compilation sway back and forth in different textures and hues. The substance is never compromised, which allows it to be one of the projects that define the sound and virtue that Of Paradise aims for.




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