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Although the pandemic still ensues, the sun is beginning to shine and the warm air is beginning to waft through the screened windows. Since the summer is approaching, projects like Wun Two and Coryayo’s Waves EP or Youtaro’s Turn of RawTi‘ are usually good reminders of lazy days near the beachside or rides near the park.

Another artist that I’ve recently stumbled upon is a young Brazilian beatmaker who goes by B r n Beats. This producer has been releasing music for around two years, with many projects and singles under his SoundCloud and Bandcamp page. B r n’s music is relaxing and hazy. He manages to make music that soothes the soul while carefully incorporating just the right sampled loops and drums to achieve that feeling of momentary nirvana.

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Listening to his music brought back those Summer memories. The use of Latin American guitar playing begrimed with vinyl filtered samples. His style is reminiscent of Wun Two’s newer projects like Pirata or O Cavalo Vermelho. He utilizes loops that include South American vinyl samples built on by looped drum patterns.

I wanted to reach out to B r n Beats to understand a little more about the elusive beat producer and learn more about the process behind these sonic delicacies. Through our brief Instagram conversation, I admired his passion for music I didn’t know we shared common taste in. Even with English as his second language, B r n expressed a side of himself that I would never have guessed.

What led you to start producing beats?

B r n Beats: The idea came up in a conversation with a friend of mine a couple of years ago. We had this idea about exchanging beats with each other, learning how to make them and how to make it all happen. I started back in 2015 without much equipment. I just had a computer with FL Studio 10, which is a program I still use to this day.

What music did you listen to growing up that influenced your sound?

BB: Tommy Wright III began writing his lyrics in the early 1990s to let out his frustration. In 1993, Tommy put together his own rap group named Ten Wanted Men. Tommy’s very first single was produced by Blackhaven’s own DJ Paul (Three 6 Mafia’s producer). Tommy Wright’s music, as well as a few other classics, such as J Dilla’s Donuts and Pete Rock’s Soul Survivor inspired me.

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Where do you see yourself and your music in the future?

BB: I want to make enough just so that I am able to live comfortably off my music. Just enough so I could show other countries a taste of my culture while supporting my family. To also be able to meet up and work with contemporary artists in the same scene in Brazil and abroad.

What does every day in music production look like? Do you find the samples first or the drums?

BB: I travel according to the bpm I start off with for the track. I accustom myself to the speed of the track. Whether I choose the drums or samples first usually depends on the bpm itself, but I am always stirring to always improve my craft.

It was surprising to hear that not only did he grow up listening to J Dilla and Pete Rock, but he is a fan of Tommy Wright III’s music. Off-kilter rap music with 20th-century horrorcore instrumentals and nonsensically violent lyrics. Although horrorcore rap music would typically be a contrast to B r n’s nonchalant approach to music, I could understand the influence.

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Tommy Wright III was an elusive underground figure for the Southern hip-hop movement in the 1990s, whose popularity grew into a cult following during the 2010s when the likes of Lil Ugly Mane and Denzel Curry came into the hip-hop scene. The same could be said for B r n Beats, who is supporting the now popular lo-fi hip-hop scene with the likes of other Brazilian producers, such as Zugumafow and Garbela.

Hopefully, B r n Beats achieves his dream as long as he and his fellow producers keep the movement strong. Listen to his latest tape Peace in Flight below:



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