Escape From the Chaos With Wun Two’s “O Cavalo Vermelho”

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With stores being overtaken by frantic mobs and eyes peaked out for any coughing vermin, Wun Two just happened to release an anecdote that could calm some nerves for the time being.

German Hip-Hop producer Wun Two has been making a name for himself in the past handful of years. From an underappreciated producer for labels such as Radio Juicy to garnering over a million monthly listeners on Spotify, Wun Two is taking advantage of the spotlight he’s been under. His ambient style, which adds a languid layer to hip-hop, is typically cherished near the warm fire during the winter season or in the warm breezes of the summer night.

Besides last year’s Pirata, O Cavalo Vermelho is his longest album to date. The album contains twenty-four tracks of sultry and radiating beats patterned with relaxed drums and snares. Each track has some sample of chirping grasshoppers or shaking maracas to add to that nocturnal summer feeling.

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With his previous projects, Wun Two crafted his beats with bebop jazz tonalities and heavy 1990’s hip-hop samples. This time, he took the approach to incorporate the sounds of humid South America, enmeshing his tracks with low fidelity chords and samba-like percussion. The result is a tranquil collage of warm and airless snippets. Each track doesn’t over welcome its stay, with each one only lasting around two minutes or less.

The track “quietly” involves the sounds of chirping that smoothly wraps around the bathing chords and hopping drums. The track serves perfectly for midnight isolation or for marauding in the silent night. The track “chuva de setembro” contains galactic lasers that swivel with compressed chords and trumpet samples. The beat assuages the mind and submits the spirit into momentary bliss.

The album could calm the nerves of the most hurried and worried, which happened to be released during times of chaos and tumult. Wun Two, yet again, serves his purpose well.

Listen to the album below:



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